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Do you like to set a pretty tablescape when there’s been a big event in the family?  My daughter competed in a horse show last weekend, so I thought it was a good excuse to set a table with an equestrian theme!  After all, I had a rather equestrian-looking candle globe already, and my other daughter has a nice collection of Breyer horses.  And it seemed like the perfect occasion to use the newest addition to the vintage Franciscan line-up in my kitchen.



There’s even a vintage Avon cologne bottle shaped like a horse on the table, just for show.   The candle globe was a very inexpensive find at TJ Maxx a few years ago.  I’ve always thought it would look right at home hanging in a stable.  It’s sitting on an orange Fiesta plate.


These dishes are from the 1960s, made by the Gladding McBean pottery, though I think they may have been using another name by then.  The brand name is Franciscan, and the pattern is called Tahiti.  A recent thrift store find.


The dishes set came with a lovely sugar bowl and creamer, and also a covered butter dish.  The Breyer horses are a mixture of some new, some from antique shops.


If you don’t have cloth napkins that work with your tablescape, or you hate ironing as much as I do, then feel free to use decorative paper napkins!  In fact, I declare here and now that you will be seeing more paper napkins on my tables in the future.  They’re fun, colorful, biodegradable, cheap if you find them on clearance, and best of all, they don’t have to be ironed!


This vintage dishes set didn’t include the coffee cups and saucers that were made.  I was tempted to buy some online but resisted the temptation!  I figured if we want a cup of coffee after dinner, our Franciscan Autumn cups and saucers would blend just fine.  What do you think?


The horse show was a big success!  It was held where she takes lessons, and they let the students use their horses, so no, these lovely horses aren’t mine.   We had beautiful weather, and Musical Daughter did very well.   Here she is riding her favorite horse in one event:


And here is a photo of the horse I’d once forbidden her to ride, because I thought he was mean.  She was assigned to him for the category of jumping 2′ fences, and they won 1st place!


Well, I guess that shows how much Mama knows ;)~

So, the next time you’re out of ideas for a wonderful table setting, just think if there is a special event or occasion coming up, and whether you might have anything around the house that you can use on your table to mark the occasion within your tablescape.  There’s no telling what you might be able to pull together!


Thank you so much for reading and following along, y’all!

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