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Sky King's Girl

I spoke at a fundraiser for a local equine rescue today. It was a discussion about horses that ‘misbehave’, and how to methodically eliminate triggers. I put together a handout with a number of possible causes for conflict behaviours. It’s not comprehensive, and I don’t think any checklist ever could be. But it at least gives a number of common triggers to check a horse for when there are problems. I thought I’d post it here on the blog in case anyone else is interested. I’d welcome additions to the list as well, so feel free to comment.

Horses do not like conflict. They don’t like it with other horses and they like it even less with predatory species like humans. Conflict behaviours during handling or riding (rearing, bucking, bolting, propping, balking, biting, striking, kicking, etc.) indicate that the horse is unable to cope with the training situation. When assessing…

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A Postcard From Tucson — Rodeo Time!

Becoming is Superior to Being

Tucson Rodeo 2014-0096_Intense blog postcard2014 La Fiesta de los Vaqueros – Tucson Rodeo — Image by kenne

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9 Things You Need to Know if You Want to Ride Horses

Beginner Horse Rider Deconstructing Riding Horseback Riding Horses Patience

Horse Listening

pick me

You might have liked horses all your life.

Or you might have had an awakening not too long ago that is urging you to explore horseback riding for the first time.

You can’t tear your eyes away from the sight of glowing coats and rippling muscles.

You get excited every time you drive by horses in a field.

Contrary to your friends, you even like the smell of a barn!

And now, you know you are ready to take the first steps on the long road of becoming an equestrian. You’ve booked riding lessons at a local barn and you are convinced that you are ready to tackle the learning curve that lays ahead. Before you begin, here are nine tips to smooth the way into your new adventures!

1. Be prepared to be a beginner – for a long time!

Once you step into that stirrup for the first…

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Horses as a Living Canvas

Bitless Bridle Body Art Fashion In The Barn Horse Horse Body Art Horse Scoop

Gentle Horse Trainer Missy Wryn

It all started with henna designs on my horse Paco (see video below).  Paco loves being my “living canvas” as you’ll notice he’s soooooo relaxed at the end of the video hehe.

Since henna stains I wanted something temporary that I could wash away so my living canvas could have a new design with every new inspiration.  I pulled out my formulas from my days of Nature’s Balance Care and focused on the gel base I used to make the Face & Body Formula.  That base was an aloe vera jelly that just needed cosmetic grade glitter and a little tweaking with other natural ingredients voila Glitter Gel for Horses.

The ready-to-use bottle with a spout allows you to draw directly on your horse – no loose glitter to make a mess – no glue involved – just turn the bottle over and start drawing!!  I’ve got 6 colors…

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Rancho Oso 2013

Camping Equine Horseback Riding Lifestyle Photography Rancho Oso Santa Barbara

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Sundance Ranch

British Columbia Canada Family Adventures Horseback Riding Horses Parenting

just a tad sufi

Sundance fans

The summer is now definitely over, and I know this not because I have noticed a golden leaf on the ground, or felt the cool morning air on my face, but because I haven’t caught my breath since the beginning of September, … and it’s already Thanksgiving (what?!). We are in the midst of a real whirlwind – the absolute chaos of getting kids ready for school in the morning, homework and reading in the evenings, and long hours at work and constant running in between – soccer, hockey, birthday parties, violin lessons; (I also try to sleep a little). It’s a major juggling act with multiple objects (some of them perhaps even sharp, who knows), and I have no idea how other moms do it (please, share your success stories!!!). I am just hoping one of those objects doesn’t hit me on the head and cause some permanent damage.

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Picture Writing Challenge #16 – Horseback Riding in Yellowstone

Horseback Riding Nature Picture Prompts Roosevelt Corral Things To Do Travel


Submitted for Picture Writing Challenge #16

In reading the description of this photograph provided by DJMatticus, I know it is in the Sierra but for me, it reminds me of my family’s trip to Yellowstone National Park.  In particular, I remember our horseback ride and cowboy cookout adventure.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I refer to my family’s trip to Yellowstone National Park as the trip of a lifetime.  One of our many activities during that trip was horseback riding from Roosevelt Corral.


One unfortunate note about this part of our trip was that my husband was getting a head cold and due to the need to blow his nose, he didn’t think he could also handle a horse.  My daughter and I were on our own.  We found out later that my husband could have joined in the cowboy…

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#7 Ride a Horse

Colorado Colorado National Monument Cowboys Grand Junction Horseback Riding

The 37 Chronicles

Last month I found myself in Colorado. If you have any desire for jaw dropping scenery, delicious wine, charming shops and friendly folks, you should find yourself there too.  Grand Junction in particular – a stone’s throw from the Colorado National Monument. I’d show you oodles of pictures, but they simply won’t do it justice. One million shades of red, rust, and gold. Sheer cliffs, weather worn landscapes, scruffy shrubs.

Ok, well a couple. Because it is pretty dazzling:


Sadly, my lovely host found herself under the weather on a day we were to venture into nearby canyons to fetch a wild mustang. Left to my own devices, there was only one option: go catch a cowboy. Erm, I mean, go find a horse to ride. I made my way to Rimrock Adventures in Fruita and begged them to take me on a last minute horseback riding tour. It…

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Horse Tales

Barrel Racing Farm Life Horse Horseback Riding Kids And Horses

four letter words on the farm

Horse Tales

So this “horse ownership” thing has been a lot like potty training a toddler. I’ve trained my fair share of kids and it’s hard to say which is worse – the kids or the horse. I realize now that I bought a horse the way I buy houses, furniture, and fabrics… she had good “bones”. And then you get her back to the barn and realize she needs all new electrical, windows, and plumbing to get her up and running. At least the foundation isn’t cracked, and that’s why I bought her. The past two weeks have been like potty training – you want to bang your head against a wall and scream “Holy CRAP what is the deal!!!” It ended many a (late) night with at least one of my four kids in tears that they couldn’t get the horse to listen and me reassuring them that she WOULD…

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Autumn Colours

Animals Autumn Horseback Riding Horses Horses Pets Photography Trail Riding

Sky King's Girl

On Sunday Veronica came to ride. We took Diego and Ella out, ambled around our home trails for a couple of hours, and just enjoyed a beautiful day.  Considering it was just my cellphone camera, the pics came out better than I expected 🙂







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