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Horse Tales

So this “horse ownership” thing has been a lot like potty training a toddler. I’ve trained my fair share of kids and it’s hard to say which is worse – the kids or the horse. I realize now that I bought a horse the way I buy houses, furniture, and fabrics… she had good “bones”. And then you get her back to the barn and realize she needs all new electrical, windows, and plumbing to get her up and running. At least the foundation isn’t cracked, and that’s why I bought her. The past two weeks have been like potty training – you want to bang your head against a wall and scream “Holy CRAP what is the deal!!!” It ended many a (late) night with at least one of my four kids in tears that they couldn’t get the horse to listen and me reassuring them that she WOULD…

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Autumn Colours

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Sky King's Girl

On Sunday Veronica came to ride. We took Diego and Ella out, ambled around our home trails for a couple of hours, and just enjoyed a beautiful day.  Considering it was just my cellphone camera, the pics came out better than I expected 🙂







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Wilderness Pack Trips

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Fiordiliso Photography

If you are ever looking for a fun and exciting way to experience Yellowstone, give Mike Thompson of Wilderness Pack Trips a call. He does awesome full day horsebacking riding trips and also overnight pack trips. I took a ride with Mike last year and absolutely loved it. So when my parents came to visit this year, we had to book a ride.

We spent a full day out in the park, had lunch, saw a group of bighorn sheep, a few pronghorn and enjoyed some beautiful scenery.

Yellowstone Horseback RidingBighorn Sheep

Yellowstone National Park – Wilderness Pack Trips Horsebacking Riding – September 2013

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Riding Bitless

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Riding Wild Natural Horsemanship

CierraandLindsay2 copy


There is nothing quite like riding bitless, whether it’s in an Indian Rope  Bosal or just in a mecate made from a halter and lead. It provides (in my experience) a clearer message to the horse, and I’ve seen the change time after time when changing to bitless. A horse bobs his head, fights the bit, roots, bucks, rears, and then with the bitless, all of this behaviour stops completely. It’s what has turned me to bitless completely. I’ve seen success with every horse I’ve tried one on.

Generally I ride in a headstall with an Indian Rope Bosal, which will be available in the shop soon, or I ride with a rope halter and yacht-rope-sized lead. Both are low-contact, kind to the horse, and when used correctly, result in a great ride with low contact, and the horse can eat all the grass he wants on the trail…

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Naming your horse

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The Rubber Curry Comb

They say it`s bad luck to change a horse`s name; but some nowadays have such long winded unpronounceable names we have to shorten it or give them stable names! It`s beyond me how people come up with these nicknames. Sometimes they`re obvious – if the passport name has Duke in, it makes sense to use that. A friend of mine called their horse Brenin, as his show name was Cefyn Ddu Brenin Ddu. Logical, yes? His name suited him too, Black King of the Black Ridge. He`s a black, very regal gelding, who`s been shown very successfully.

So how do people manage to call a horse Tymor Del Piero?! It`s the surname of an Italian footballer. Granted a very famous footballer, but still! The horse is a Welsh Cob. And then, they decide to nickname him Otis. Where`s the logic in that?!? Another pony I knew had a lovely Welsh…

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Chandler Chuck Wagon Cook-Off


November 8 through November 10
Tumbleweed Ranch

Chandler Chuck Wagon Cook-Off – Tumbleweed Ranch, demonstrates 1880s Old West lifestyle, teams from across the western United States, old fashioned culinary competition, teams prepare foods from their authentic chuck wagons and use methods and utensils in the style of those used in 1880s cattle drives, meals available for the public to purchase, also stage entertainment, family activities and shopping opportunities, meals are $10 per plate, also features a centennial exhibit of historic photographs of chuck wagons in the Arizona Territory, 9 am – 3 pm,

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunch!

Emily Carter Mitchell ~ Nature & Wildlife Photography

I’ve had some fabulous lunches in the least expected places. Taking inn-to-inn trail rides in Provence where lunch is served in shady woods, complete with wine and an hours nap time.

To fabulous tapas in Carmona, Spain between the morning trail ride and the afternoon dressage training ride at Epona Equestrian Center.

And elaborate and freshly made lunch meals outside of Lisbon high on the hills at an old hacienda between morning and afternoon dressage training lessons.

Who can resist fabulous lobster rolls in Maine?

And only the daring will try the “cuy” or guinea pig in the sacred valley of Peru.

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Horse Talk with the Doc – San Tan – Nov. 17th

San Tan Mountain Regional Park
If you love to ride, like winning free things, or just can’t get enough of those unbelievable ungulates, then we have a treat for you. Stop by San Tan to meet Dr. Christensen from East Valley Equine as he shares his thoughts on staying safe and keeping a happy horse in the desert. Learn how to perfect equestrian care skills such as cactus removal, taking temperature, checking respiration, snake bites and so much more. Guests are welcomed to participate in a free raffle for a chance to win some equestrian goodies during the program.
Date: 11/17/2012
Time: 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM    Duration: 1 hour
Speaker: DVM. James Christensen of East Valley Equine
Registration Required: No
Fee: $6 vehicle park entry fee
More Info:
Contact: (480) 655-5554 ext.201
Location: San Tan Mountain Regional Park
Address: 6533 W. Phillips Road Queen Creek, AZ  85142
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The last annual horse drive in Montana


Jim Urquhart / Reuters

Kail Mantle rounds up horses during the Montana Horses Annual Horse Drive outside Three Forks, Montana, May 4, 2012.

Jim Urquhart / Reuters

Wrangler Shad Boardman rides his horse across a river during the Montana Horses Annual Horse Drive.

The Mantle family, who own Montana Horses and who have have invited the public to witness horse drives for the last 11 years, are holding their last horse drive. Approximately 300 horses are rounded up and driven 35 miles from their winter range to the Mantle ranch over the course of three days. The horses are later picked up by leasers to be used as pack and trail horses at dude ranches and national parks.

Jim Urquhart / Reuters

Horses run to the corrals during the Montana Horses Annual Horse Drive outside.

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Mother’s Day Cowgirl Getaway @ Hidden Meadow Ranch in the White Mountains


Treat Mom to something really special this Mother’s Week with a 2-night minimum getaway to Hidden Meadow Ranch.  Our culinary team is putting together Mom’s favorite dishes for a fabulous brunch on Sunday, complete with a gift from us to all Moms, a floral bouquet just for her.  Horses… Round up your friends and indulge in some time with just the girls.  Activities for just the ladies will be available throughout the week including grooming and ground training the horses, private rides complete with pink bandanas as a gift from the staff, an all-girls cocktail reception with appetizers created especially for you by our culinary team in the Ranch House Library one night, and a complimentary spa treatment per person in your cabin.

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